Ironworkers Southern Ohio & Vicinity District Council

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Home Office Information

Office Information

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Franklin Square Office Center,
8401 Claude Thomas Rd.,Suite #55,
Franklin, Oh 45005.

Phone 937-746-0854937-746-0854

Fax 937-746-0873937-746-0873

Office Secretary: Donya Wright

Meets: District Council Delegates Meet Quarterly.The Business Managers meet on the 2nd Monday of each month.

President: William A. Woodward

First Vice President: Ron Starkey

Second Vice President: Kevin Libby

Financial Secretary/Treasurer: Jeffrey S. Bush, Sr.

Recording Secretary: Robert J. Kara

Bradley C. Winans
Benton M. Amburgey Jr.
David Baker

Sgt-At-Arms: Ralph Copley, Jr.

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Your rights on the job

While you may have legal rights, they don't automatically protect you. You must enforce those rights, and the only meaningful way to do that is through the labor organization of your craft. It is only when you join together with those who are in the same situation as you are, when you join a union, that you have the collective wisdom and economic strength to enforce all of these laws.